National Residence

Hall Honorary

A leadership-based honorary comprised of exemplary residential students who value recognition and service while also advocating for their interests and welfare and providing opportunities for their personal growth and development.
Join us during our bi-monthly meetings! Every first and third Wednesday of the month! SCOB 302 at 5:00pm.

Our pillars

We operate under two pillars: service and recognition.



We promote the wellness and growth of our community by giving back to it. Through our various community service projects and volunteer opportunities, you have the chance to make an impact in the community around you.



By upholding recognition, we make sure that students, faculty-employees, and programs are acknowledged; encouraging a positive affinity within Arizona State University- Tempe and the community that it serves.
Are you looking to recognize someone or something?

Our staff

vince gomez

NRHH Chancellor

mia martinez

director of business


sydney evans

director of membership


aidan hernandez

director of recognition

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