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Arizona State University - Tempe
RHA is one of the largest student-run organizations on campus, come connect with us today!

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About Us

The Residence Hall Association at Arizona State University - Tempe seeks to enhance the residential life experience through the implementation of our four pillars by developing student leaders, advocating for our communities, hosting intentional programs, and maintaining a regional and national presence. We provide a cohesive voice for our residents by addressing the concerns of the on-campus populations to university administrators and other campus organizations
Operating under the pillars of Advocacy, Leadership Development, Programming, and Regional Involvement, the Residence Hall Association seeks to create the greatest residential experience at Arizona State University - Tempe.
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Regional Involvement


Our innovative programs (that include, but are not limited to cultural awareness and health/wellness) are also an opportunity for residents to interact with one another and engage everyone in the Sun Devil community. 



As a student-run organization, we strive to strengthen our residents abilities to lead through involvement on campus.



Through resident feedback, we recognize a problem and create a solution. We are here to better your residential experience whether it be free laundry or simply maintaining your residence hall.


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Why should you get involved? What does RHA focus on?

Our Pillars

Lastly, the pillar of regional involvement surpasses community engagement by promoting that residents further their connections by networking with those beyond Arizona State, involved in the IACURH region.
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Residential Council: Every residence hall belongs to a Residential Council. Similar to a city hall meeting, this is the easiest way for residents to directly get involved in their community. Click the "Residential Councils" button at the top for a breakdown of meeting times/president contact info.


General Council Meetings: This is where all councils, staff, and members come together weekly. Stay informed on campus-wide events and initiatives. ALL residents welcome. Join us at 6 pm every Wednesday. Check our calendar to see where this week's meeting will be held.

Come Support: Attend our programs! Our purpose is to ensure that your Sun Devil residential experience is one to remember. Meet the 8,000+ residents living on campus and be ready to have the time of your lives!

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