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Chase Croteau

Hello, my name is Chase Croteau and hopefully I will soon be representing you all as your residential hall Vice President. First, just a little bit about me, I am majoring in Business Management and was born and raised just down the street in Phoenix. My three main goals for this year include, speaking to everyone and getting your input because I really do care! Second I want to plan events you will brag about to all you friends at other colleges, and third maintain and improve your residential hall living conditions! I am the best for this position because my entire senior year I did just this for my high school and received great reviews. I am ready to transfer my skills over to ASU and help represent all of you, also something I have done at very elite levels over in Europe for a special organization. It was designed to improve relations between us and foreign countries, so yes I can speak for the masses very well! Now let’s have an amazing year!


Haley Cameron

Hello, my name is Haley Cameron and I am from Hermosa Beach, California, studying business communications. I love being around people, getting involved, and playing sports. I have been in many leadership positions such as team captain for my basketball team, within my jobs, and I also have experience with debating. I am not the kind of person to follow along, and will speak up when needed. I am reliable, hardworking, and dedicated to any activity I do and I pride myself on that. Not only do I have experience in leadership and public speaking, but I have also been involved in many sports and I know how to work as a team. I hope to improve the business community, and incorporate any changes that the students would like to see such as adjustments to living spaces and even more events. If you vote for me I will be sure to listen to any concern and make this year unforgettable.


Holden Liebe

Hello ASU Students, my name is Holden Liebe and I’m running for the Vice President position at RHA. A little bit about me, I was born in southern California but have lived in Arizona the past 9 years. I’m an active guy and big into sports as I played baseball, soccer, and football my whole life. It’s in those activities that I learned the leadership and communication skills I have today and which I believe make me the perfect candidate for Vice President of RHA. As VP I will be working to create and coordinate events for all students to partake in and enjoy while also advocating for the amenities, equipment, and other services that resident-students really want. This position can only be filled by someone with the motivation and drive to provide others with a better experience on campus as well as making their lives and transition to ASU a little easier. I believe I am the candidate who can make that happen for you!


Kayla de Jesus

    As a member of the W. P. Carey School of Business Leadership Academy, I believe that I deserve to win the Vice President position of RHA because I feel that getting involved and meeting new people is significant to having a successful first year. In hopes of receiving the title, I plan to assure that all the Business students will have the opportunity to attend fun and exciting events that they will actually want to participate in. Since we’re all living right next door to one another we might as well learn to enjoy the company and what better way to do so than ice cream socials, food truck Fridays, ASU gear raffles, and more. With the help of the student body, if I become the RHA Vice President I promise to make this a beneficial, exciting, and unforgettable year for everyone.


Madison photo.jpg

Madison Johnson

I am dedicated and work very hard in school and other activities that have helped me develop a good work ethic. I believe I should receive this position because of the achievements and goals I have reached within my life and I want to help this community. I extend myself to try new things and get involved with school activates and the community. I have learned to have a different perspective on life because of the activities I’ve been a part of, I have a better work ethic and am organized because of it. I hope to take what I have learned from these events and teach other students lessons to get them going on the right track and hopefully motivate people to be the best they can, and with trying there is achievement. I am also a more confident public speaker and am dedicated to helping people for the benefit of them. I plan on being an event planner and I really think the experience I receive from this job will help me reach my goals.


McKenzie Rains

McKenzie Rains, a hardworking Freshman at Arizona State University is ready to create sustainable changes to better the residents of the Hassyampa Academic Community. Acting as the Arizona FCCLA State Present this past year, she understands what it takes to lead students residing in the dorms. McKenzie utilizes her strengths and minimizes her weaknesses in her daily life. Having experience in leadership, public speaking, and community service, McKenzie knows that she will be able to aid students in any items they are struggling in. Shutterbugs Photographer, Vista Grande Marching Band Drum Major, Kudos Café front Cashier, Boys and Girls Club Volunteer, Vista Grande Student Representative, and Spartan Sparkles Preschool Intern are just a few of the titles McKenzie has obtained in 1 short year. McKenzie Rains welcomes students to vote for her, and to let her know how their experience in the dorms are going thus far into the year.


Oscar Porter

“For the strength of the pack is the wolf, and the strength of the wolf is the pack” 

You’re in college… a place to develop your intellect, character, and ultimately your life. Every day presents an exciting challenge to consider new perspectives and expand as a person. As a vice president in the Residence Hall Association, I would commit to building the best environment possible for each and every student’s success and satisfaction. As someone with years of experience in student advocacy, I know that student empowerment is the most important catalyst for change. In this standpoint I plan to place a greater emphasis oncommunicating with every individual student and taking your voice into account, whether it be concerns with dorm conditions or appeals to improve on-campus life in certain areas. As a Residence Hall Vice President, I will strive to make sure that you are getting the best possible environment to help you achieve your goals.


Sabrina Garland

This summer I lived alone in Germany, working at an Italian restaurant and a winery, learning the language and the culture. It was the greatest summer I’ve ever been blessed to experience. Nine weeks immersed in a different culture teaches you something about yourself; for me, it was courage. In the past, I was president of speech and debate and the Fellowship of Christians Athletes in high school. Acting as these titles strengthened my courage and ambition, whether it was meeting with the school principal asking for funding or simply trying to meet the needs of our members. And there were plenty. As Vice President of the W. P. Carey Residential Community, I look forward to going confidently into any project or challenge that comes my way, with these traits, to make an impact in our community of business students.



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