Election Week

It is Election Week for the engineering community as campaigning has begun and residents will have the chance to vote for who they would like to represent them for the year.

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PV East VP Candidates

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Jordan Shinn

My name is Jordan Shinn and I am running for the Vice President Position in Palo Verde East. I have been in several leadership positions, including the President of National Honors Society. I have extensive experience in running meetings and organizing events. I have raised thousands of dollars for charity and budgeted several projects. Managing a heavy course load is nothing new for me; I maintained straight A’s with five AP classes, completed hundreds of hours of community service a semester, and was involved in numerous clubs and extra-curriculars.  I am an ambitious advocate for my peers; I listen to their concerns and have the drive to make a difference. I genuinely care about everyone and as mentioned in my video, what I find most important is making your residential experience a great one. Thank you and I hope to serve you soon.

Contact Email: jhshinn@asu.edu

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Eric Mannix

My name is Eric Mannix, I am running for the Palo Verde East Vice President. I think you should vote for me because I have been in leadership positions before whether it be; being the president of Academic Decathlon, Senior Class President, Captain of both the wrestling and track team at my school, or president of National History day. I think I am qualified because I know how to talk to people and understand the problems, and to be honest I will be living here today so I will definitely understand all of the problems. I also am experienced at organizing events because I had to organize the senior trip for my school and tons of fund raising events for all of the clubs I have been in. If you guys vote for me as Vice President my door will always be open to talk about whatever needs to be done and I will go to the RHA president about it.

Contact Email: edmannix@asu.edu

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Grayson Osborne

My name is Grayson Osborne and I am asking for your vote in Palo Verde East’s Vice Presidential election. I have developed many skills that qualify me for this position. Last year, as my high school’s student council president, I gained experience planning events like the homecoming dance, the junior versus senior football game and outreach events such as movie nights. I also chaired bi-weekly student council meetings. The most important quality I learned through my student council leadership is to be a receptive leader and how to listen and respond to the concerns of those that elected me. In addition to my student council presidency, I served as the speech and debate club’s vice president. This role helped me develop strong public speaking skills, an essential vice presidential quality. I have what it takes to be your Palo Verde East Vice President. To get a head start on the accessibility I will have if elected, feel free to stop by my room (315) if you have any questions or want to better get to know me.

Contact Email: gjosborn@asu.edu

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Warner Kostes

My name is Warner Kostes and I want to help you help me. Being elected Vice President will enable me to make your college experience better than it already is. I will aggressively seek out your best ideas. I won’t just have an open door, I’m going to be knocking on your door, asking for your thoughts, your criticisms, and your willingness to step up and share the leadership with me and the other representatives. Communication is the most important quality I plan to nurture, because when everyone is talking, trusting each other, setting shared goals, and working in unity, we can get amazing things done. I believe the most important thing I can do as Vice President is keep everyone talking and feeling great about being part of this community. With your vote we can build lasting relationships that will continue on through college.

Contact Email: William.Kostes@asu.edu

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Javier (Francisco) Rodriguez

As future Vice President of the Engineering Hall Association I will be committed to staying on top of my priorities, residents coming first. I will answer all questions to the best of my ability. I will promote culture and diversity throughout various social activities that range between physical events to informative gatherings. Being very outgoing and having a strong personality allows me to constantly come up with ways to unite the community as a family and get to know each other. I also obtain the same, if not more skills, than the other applicants such as being a hard worker, finding solutions to problems, having communication skills, along with being responsible and honest. Being a student and living in the same environment allows me to understand student’s point of view, as we share the same mentality. It would be an honor to serve as your Vice President and I encourage you to take the next big step along my side and vote for me, Javier Rodriguez!

Contact Email: fjrodri7@asu.edu

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PV Main VP Candidate

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Erik Olson

Justice is coming to Palo Verde Main. All of you may not be aware of it but I, Erik Olson, am the forerunner of change. With your vote no more will you be forced to play volleyball in the dark when residents in Manzanita enjoy their well lit basketball courts. I, as your vice president of the Engineering Residential Council will bring change to where you, the residents want change. I may not be able to put kool aid in the drinking fountains but I can fight for free printing across campus. I will demand that you, the residents, are the dominant voice in the RHA and that your demands will be met. So, this September, make sure you vote for me, Erik Olson, and promote democracy at ASU.

Contact Email: ebolson@asu.edu

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No Confidence

Because there is only one candidate on the ballot for PV Main, the option of no confidence is given in which you can vote that you do not have confidence that the candidate has the ability to perform the required job duties and responsibilities.


Vice President Job Information

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Duties & Responsibilities

• Leadership/Role-Modeling 

• Adhere to all Residence Hall Association expectations and bylaws

• Recruitment & appointment of Residential Council members 

• Plan and implement a minimum of 2 events per semester

• Oversee the implementation of social, cultural, and educational programs for the community

• Collaborate with Community Assistants, Peer Mentors, and other student leaders in the community

• Facilitate community forums per semester

• Organize advocacy efforts for the community in collaboration with the President

• Facilitate weekly Engineering Residential Council meetings

• Attend weekly RHA Tempe General Council meetings (Thursdays at 5pm)

• Attend weekly 1:1 meetings with Residential Council President

• Attend weekly 1:1 meetings with Advisor 

  • Providing support for University Housing and Residential College events including, but not limited to: Homecoming, Athletic events & Tailgates, Family Weekend, Open Houses, Relay for Life



• Applicants must have and maintain a minimum semester and cumulative GPA of 2.5

• Applicants must be a full-time student enrolled in at least 12 credit hours

• Applicants must be in good standing with University Housing and the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities

• A minimum of 10 hours of time each week to dedicate to the position

• Applicants must be a resident in the Engineering Residential Community in Palo Verde Main or Palo Verde East

• Applicants cannot hold any other live-in compensated staff positions with University Housing or its affiliates (Community Assistant, Peer Mentor, Well Devil Ambassador, etc.) 

• Demonstrate leadership skills and previous extracurricular involvement in high school or with other organizations

• Ability to connect with and relate to a wide diversity of students and build inclusive relationships

• Strong communication skills