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Residential Life Opportunities

Community Assistant for 2015-2016 - How to Apply:

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ERC Positions Available

Position Title Description
Floor Representative Represent your floor's residents in community council discussions and votes, also acting as an easy RHA contact and relay of information.
Treasurer Overlook and track the council's budget. Updating Google Docs and website budget information. Giving budget updates at weekly council meetings.
Programmer (Event Planner) Work along side the Vice President and co-programmers to help plan and organize RHA events.
Marketing Design posters for events, get them approved, fill out paper work purchase them, and then post them up. Also design banners for Facebook events and cover photos.
Advocacy Work on initiatives, researching, proposals, and updating initiative website information.
Recognition Write one OTM each month, find a comedic ice breaker video each week for council, and be in charge of recognizing others in council, as well as engineering Community Assistants and Peer Mentors for doing a good job.
Statistics and Assessments Collect information from events making statistical analysis's of what floors residents are mostly coming from and other information. Also talk to residents or taking surveys from residents to discover what they prefer, why they came, and assessing RHA events.
General Council Representative Attend weekly RHA General Council meetings as representatives from your buildings and engineering as a whole. Sometimes step in for Vice Presidents for voting.

If you are interested in any of these positions, please email rha.engineering@asu.edu for more information.