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Sun Devil Living

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Sun Devil Living

Arizona State University - Tempe


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About RHA


About RHA

The Residence Hall Association

The Residence Hall Association of Arizona State University - Tempe seeks to enhance the quality of residence hall life and provide a cohesive voice for the residents by addressing the concerns of the on-campus populations to university administrators and other campus organizations; providing cultural/diversity, community service, educational, and social programming; and establishing and working with individual hall councils. Operating under the pillars of advocacy, leadership development, programming, and regional involvement, the Residence Hall Association seeks to create the greatest residential experience at             Arizona State University - Tempe.

We pride ourselves on the high-quality programs, advocacy initiatives, leadership development, and regional involvement opportunities we deliver. We are a strong, cohesive student-run organization that together puts on over 150 events each academic year.
— Andrew Raj, Executive Director.
RHA is opportunity to me. A real platform for professional and personal growth. An opportunity to lead and impact a community as a young student while simultaneously learning from others every step of the way. RHA is an outlet for students to get involved and help others in multiple ways and that is why I love RHA.
— W.P. Carey President, Angie Santopoalo.
RHA means having a support system that is always there to encourage you to break out of your comfort zone. RHA has provided me the opportunity to push and challenge myself to do things I would not have thought were possible otherwise. It has also given me the chance to create relationships and connect with people that I normally wouldn’t interact with.
— ACT Up President, Morgan Lambert

The Four Pillars of RHA

Leadership Development - As a student run organization, we strive to strengthen our residents abilities to lead through involvement on campus.

Advocacy - Through resident feedback, we recognize a problem and create a solution. We are here to better your residential experience whether it be free laundry or simply maintaining your residence hall.

Programming - Our innovative programs that include but are not limited to cultural awareness and health and wellness are also an opportunity for residents to interact with one another and engage everyone in the Sundevil community.

Regional Involvement- Lastly, the pillar of regional involvement surpasses community engagement by promoting that residents further their connections by networking with those beyond Arizona State, involved in the IACURH region.

Ways to get involved:

Vice President Positions - Incoming residents now have the opportunity to run for a vice-president position in their Residence Hall! For more information find us at Passport to ASU.

Community Council - There are also community council positions in which you can be involved in how your budget is spent in your Residence Hall. Let your voice be heard!

General Council Meetings - Stay informed on campus-wide events and initiatives! RHA meets every Thursday at 6pm in the MU.

Come Support - Attend our programs! Our purpose is to ensure that your Sundevil Living experience is one to remember. Meet the 8,000 residents living on campus and be ready to have the time of your lives!


Executive Board


Executive Board

RHA Advisor, Jen O'Brien.
Email: rhaadvisor@asu.edu

Director of Campus Affairs, Brandon Benich.
Email: rha.affairs@asu.edu       Office Hours:  Tuesday 1pm-2:30pm, Thursday 2pm-5pm, Friday 1pm - 3pm

Director of Business Administration, Will Clark.
Email: rha.dba@asu.edu
Office Hours: Thursday 1:30 pm-5:30 pm

Director of Marketing, Lizette Yslas.
Email: rha.marketing@asu.edu
Office Hours: Monday 4-7 pm            Wednesday 4-7 pm

Executive Director, Andrew Raj.
Email: rha@asu.edu
Office Hours:  Tuesday, 1:30- 5pm


Director of Leadership Development, Vacant


Director of Programming, Hailey Farr.
Email: hfarr@asu.edu
Office Hours: Tuesday: 1:00-2:30 pm and Thursday: 12:30-4:30 pm


Director of National Communications, Becca Lynch.
Email: rha.ncc@asu.edu
Office Hours: Monday 12pm-3pm, Wednesday 12pm-3pm


NRHH Chancellor - Ashleigh Bowers
Email: nrhh@asu.edu
Office Hours: Tuesday 3pm-7pm, Thursday 3pm-5pm